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It is with great pleasure that I may introduce you to the 1st edition of the 14th volume of the JIPITEC. Established in 2009, JIPITEC has now existed for 13 years. Current development milestones are (year-end 2022) the publication of 333 articles and 330,000 retrievals of these articles. Since 2010, we have published 3 editions per year, with some years seeing four publications with the inclusion of Special Issues.


While the first issues required an active solicitation for articles, we have since grown and our editors now receive significantly more submissions than can be accepted. Currently, the rejection rate is at around 66%, meaning that two out of every three submissions are not accepted. This is a testament to the high-quality standards that our editors and reviewers apply. For this issue, of the 31 submissions received, 12 were accepted by our team.


With the end of the year 2022, Chris Reed from Queen Mary University of London has left the editorial board. Chris has been active as editor since early 2016 and has helped JIPITEC with his expertise in information technology and accuracy as an editor-in-chief for a number of outstanding issues of the journal. We have truly appreciated his tremendous contribution to the journal. In his place, we are pleased to introduce Prof. Orla Linskey from London School Economics who will join the editorial board as our new UK editor. Welcome, Orla!


There are also some changes with our technical editor team. This will be the final issue produced by Lydia Förster. Her patience and diligence in producing numerous JIPITEC issues has been unparalleled, and we are immensely grateful for her efforts. In her place, we would like to welcome Lars Flamme, who will step into her shoes for the next issue and will be the future contact for our authors, reviewers, and editors. Welcome, Lars!


Issue 1/2023 explores a variety of highly relevant themes in both information technology and intellectual property law

I hope you enjoy reading!




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JIPITEC – Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law
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