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JIPITEC 1 (2) 2010

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JIPITEC 1 (2) 2010

JIPITEC, the ”Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Law” is a new online-journal for current issues of intellectual property, information technology and E-commerce law. This is the second Issue of JIPITEC launched in July 2010

The complete issue as PDF jipitec-01-02-2010.pdf (1.8 MB)

  1. Limitations: The Centerpiece of Copyright in Distress
  2. Why Cherry-Picking Never Leads to Harmonisation: The Case of the Limitations on Copyright under Directive 2001/29/EC
  3. The International Three-Step Test: A Model Provision for EC Fair Use Legislation
  4. Declaration on the "Three-Step Test": Where do we go from here?
  5. Unsticking the centre-piece – the liberation of European copyright law?
  6. Governance of Massive Multiauthor Collaboration – Linux, Wikipedia, and Other Networks: Governed by Bilateral Contracts, Partnerships, or Something in Between?
  7. A Primer on ACTA What Europeans Should Fear about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
Book Reviews
  1. Stieper, Rechtfertigung, Rechtsnatur und Disponibilität der Schranken des Urheberrechts, 2010
  1. Declaration A Balanced Interpretation Of The "Three-Step Test" In Copyright Law
  2. European Copyright Code
JIPITEC – Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law
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