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Applicable Open Access licenses

The copyright in the articles remains with the original authors. Publication in JIPITEC does not require an exclusive license grant to the publisher of the journal.

However, each article published in JIPITEC must be available to the public under on of the three Digital Peer Publishing Licenses (DPPL). The author may choose to use the basic module of the DPPL. The (basic) DPPL allows any user to make the unchanged article available in the Internet, be it for scientific or commercial use. However, all rights concerning printed versions or versions on storage media are not covered by the license. Thus, according to the (basic) DPPL, authors still have the option to contract with a publisher for hardcopy distribution. The „modular“ DPPL and the „free“ DPPL grant additional rights to the users, especially to modify the published material under certain conditions and, in case of the free DPPL, to distribute hardcover versions of the article.

Authors may choose to license their articles under additional license terms, especially under a Creative Commons license. The editors encourage authors to use more than one license whenever this is required by specific needs of the users not fully covered by the DPPL.

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