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Non-Commercial Quotation and Freedom of Panorama: Useful and Lawful? JIPITEC, Volume 8, Number 4, (2017-12-21)
Articles NFTs And Copyright Quandary JIPITEC, Volume 12, Number 5, (2022-02-04)
Permissibility of Non-Voluntary Collective Management of Copyright under EU Law – The Case of the French Law on Out-of-Commerce Books JIPITEC, Volume 7, Number 1, (2016-05-19)
Development of a Secondary Market for E-books: The Case of Amazon JIPITEC, Volume 8, Number 2, (2017-09-13)
Articles Authorless AI-assisted productions: Recent developments impacting their protection in the European Union JIPITEC, Volume 14, Number 1, (2023-06-01)
Articles On Upload-Filters and other Competitive Advantages for Big Tech Companies under Article 17 of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market JIPITEC, Volume 10, Number 2, (2019-08-10)
The Law Applicable to Online Copyright Infringements int ALI and CLIP Proposals: A Rebalance of Interest Needed? JIPITEC, Volume 2, Number 1, (2011-03-30)
Statements Safeguarding User Freedoms in Implementing Article 17 of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive: Recommendations from European Academics JIPITEC, Volume 10, Number 3, (2020-02-21)
Articles Access to Research Data and EU Copyright Law JIPITEC, Volume 13, Number 3, (2022-09-28)
Open Science and Public Sector Information – Reconsidering the exemption for educational and research establishments under the Directive on re-use of public sector information JIPITEC, Volume 9, Number 1, (2018-05-23)
Articles Free Speech by Design – Algorithmic protection of exceptions and limitations in the Copyright DSM directive JIPITEC, Volume 11, Number 1, (2020-04-01)
Articles The (Missing) Parody Exception in Italy and its Inconsistency with EU Law JIPITEC, Volume 12, Number 5, (2022-02-04)
EU Copyright Law, Lobbying and Transparency of Policy-Making: The cases of sound recordings term extension and orphan works provisions JIPITEC, Volume 6, Number 2, (2015-10-04)
How to Build an Orphanage, and Why JIPITEC, Volume 2, Number 3, (2011-12-07)
Articles Copyright Protection of Broadcasts in Australia: The intersections between originality, economic investment, and social-oriented perspectives JIPITEC, Volume 14, Number 1, (2023-06-01)
Articles The exceptional mismatch of copyright teaching exceptions in the post-pandemic university – insights from Germany, Bulgaria, and Ireland JIPITEC, Volume 14, Number 2, (2023-06-29)
Liability for Copyright Infringements on the Internet: Host Providers (Content Providers) - The Geman Approach JIPITEC, Volume 2, Number 1, (2011-03-30)
Facilitating Access to Out-of-Commerce Works in the Digital Single Market – How to Make Pico della Mirandola’s Dream a Reality in the European Union JIPITEC, Volume 9, Number 3, (2019-01-25)
Along the road to uniformity – Diverse Readings of the Court of Justice Judgments on Copyright Work JIPITEC, Volume 3, Number 1, (2012-05-15)
“This Video is Unavailable”: Analyzing Copyright Takedown of User-Generated Content on YouTube JIPITEC, Volume 9, Number 1, (2018-05-23)
Articles Fixing Copyright Reform: A Better Solution to Online Infringement JIPITEC, Volume 10, Number 2, (2019-08-10)
Exploring the Interfaces Between Big Data and Intellectual Property Law JIPITEC, Volume 10, Number 1, (2019-05-05)
On the Role of Copyright Protection in the Information Society JIPITEC, Volume 4, Number 1, (2013-04-19)
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