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A Plea for Digital Exhaustion in EU Copyright Law JIPITEC, Volume 9, Number 3, (2019-01-25)
Court Decisions Getting Privacy to a new Safe Harbour. Comment on the CJEU Judgment of 6 October 2015, Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner JIPITEC, Volume 6, Number 3, (2015-12-31)
Non-Commercial Quotation and Freedom of Panorama: Useful and Lawful? JIPITEC, Volume 8, Number 4, (2017-12-21)
The EU’s Trouble with Mashups: From Disabling to Enabling a Digital Art Form JIPITEC, Volume 5, Number 3, (2014-12-23)
Permissibility of Non-Voluntary Collective Management of Copyright under EU Law – The Case of the French Law on Out-of-Commerce Books JIPITEC, Volume 7, Number 1, (2016-05-19)
On the Search for an Adequate Scope of the Right to Be Forgotten JIPITEC, Volume 6, Number 1, (2015-05-30)
Digital First Sale Doctrine Ante Portas – Exhaustion in the Online Environment JIPITEC, Volume 6, Number 1, (2015-05-30)
European Union Claims of Jurisdiction over the Internet – an Analysis of Three Recent Key Developments JIPITEC, Volume 9, Number 2, (2018-10-22)
Under One Umbrella: Problems of Internet Retransmissions of Broadcasts and Implications for New Audiovisual Content Services JIPITEC, Volume 6, Number 1, (2015-06-10)
UsedSoft and the Big Bang Theory: Is the e-Exhaustion Meteor about to Strike? JIPITEC, Volume 5, Number 1, (2014-04-23)
Special Issue: Intermediary Liability as a Human Rights Issue What Does It Matter Who is Browsing? ISP Liability and the Right to Anonymity JIPITEC, Volume 8, Number 3, (2017-11-30)
Special Issue: Intermediary Liability as a Human Rights Issue The Power of Positive Thinking: Intermediary Liability and the Effective Enjoyment of the Right to Freedom of Expression JIPITEC, Volume 8, Number 3, (2017-11-30)
Along the road to uniformity – Diverse Readings of the Court of Justice Judgments on Copyright Work JIPITEC, Volume 3, Number 1, (2012-05-15)
Articles Secondary communication under the EU copyright acquis after Tom Kabinet: between exhaustion and securing work’s exploitation JIPITEC, Volume 11, Number 2, (2020-08-27)
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