EU Commission: Comments on the “Opinion of European Academics on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement” Commission EU The “Opinion of European Academics on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement” (ACTA) of February 11, 2011, was published in 2 JIPITEC 65 (2011). Signed by more than 25 law professors and academics from across Europe who specialize in the field, this opinion addressed the following concern: Although it is uncontested that the infringement of intellectual property rights, especially in the Internet, prejudices the legitimate interests of right holders, it is still very controversial in Europe and abroad whether the enforcement standards of ACTA are balanced. The European Commission, DG Trade, has now published a document with detailed comments on the Opinion. The comments, which are also available on the website of the European Commission [ html/147853.htm], are republished here with the kind permission of the European Commission. 340 periodical academic journal JIPITEC 2 2 2011 171 183 2190-3387 urn:nbn:de:0009-29-30998 commission2011