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JIPITEC 7 (3) 2016

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JIPITEC 7 (3) 2016
JIPITEC, the ”Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Law” is an online-journal for current issues of intellectual property, information technology and E-commerce law. This is the twentieth Issue of JIPITEC, launched in December 2016. The first part of this Issue is a "Special Issue on Law and Governance in the Digital Era", the second part contains two current articles of JIPITEC.

The complete issue as PDF JIPTEC_7_3_2016.pdf (2.7 MB)

  1. Editorial: Special Issue on Law and Governance in the Digital Era: Data Protection and Beyond
  2. Quantifying Key Characteristics of 71 Data Protection Laws
  3. Does the Internet Limit Human Rights Protection? The Case of Revenge Porn
  4. Regulating Internet Hate: A Flying Pig?
  5. Regulating Online Content through the Internet Architecture: The Case of ICANN’s new gTLDs
  6. An Innovative Legal Approach to Regulating Digital Content Contracts in the EU
  7. Current Article: Regulating Collective Management Organisations by Competition: An Incomplete Answer to the Licensing Problem?
  8. Current Article: Liability under EU Data Protection Law: From Directive 95/46 to the General Data Protection Regulation
JIPITEC – Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law

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